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High-level project management

Watt Inc. provides a wide range of construction advisory services in the South Florida region and beyond, including the Southeast and U.S. East Coast. Our innovative approach enables us to consistently deliver high-quality construction project management, from concept through closeout. Our reputation for integrity and excellence is impeccable.

high-level project management from watt inc

Owner Representation

Owners are not always able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time required to manage their construction projects effectively and efficiently. In those instances, an owner representative can be the crucial difference in achieving their project objectives. Watt Inc. takes the role of Owner Representative very seriously, working with clients to establish strategies, identify priorities, assign responsibilities, execute the work, and exceed expectations.

We utilize our extensive experience to manage the development and construction process on the owner’s behalf so they can remain focused on the big picture. Watt Inc. pressure tests the project metrics adding value by providing fresh ideas and alternative solutions. We document project progress, identify obstacles, provide solutions, and focus on the project’s schedule and budget while ensuring overall quality.

  • Project team development
  • Schedule management and tracking
  • Budget tracking and reporting
  • Regular project updates / task management
  • Owner / Architect / Contractor (OAC) meetings
  • Tracking of open items and responsibilities
  • Contract(s) negotiations
  • Site Inspections
  • Payment application reviews
  • Change order reviews
  • FF&E coordination
  • Specialty consultant coordination
  • Troubled project turn-around

Expert Consulting

Navigating the complex world of real estate development and construction projects is complicated. Watt Inc. provides guidance and expert services every step of the way, from concept to project completion.

  • Preconstruction / design phase
  • Scope definition and management
  • Establishment of communications protocols
  • Budget tracking and reporting
  • Master schedule development
  • Architect/engineer selection
  • Specialty consultant selection advisory
  • Develop phasing alternatives and establish milestones
  • Constructability reviews
  • Procedures and logistics assessment
  • General conditions and contract requirements
  • Selection of testing, inspection, and other sub-consultants
  • Bid phase management, value engineering
  • Project rescue and audits
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution
  • Contract close-out and turnover

Network Referral Program

Many developers, owners and investors are looking for trusted professionals to assist with their project. Watt Inc. has developed a network of local industry leaders to address any situation including land use attorneys, design and, engineering professionals, permit expediters or construction contract legal experts, just to name a few.

Lead by a Fort Lauderdale native with 40+ years of experience in the industry, Watt Inc. has the resources to provide these services that you may not perform in-house.

Directly connecting you to these individuals and companies is just one of the reasons clients put their trust, faith, and confidence in Watt Inc.



They were instrumental in assembling the project team, overseeing design, permitting, and construction management, all while keeping costs under control and staying on schedule. We consider Watt, Inc. more as an investment than an expense and I would highly recommend engaging them as an owner’s representative on your next project.

Cole Potamkin

COO, Potamkin Companies

The Watt Inc. team brings a level of knowledge, experience and expertise that adds value to owners and developers who do not have an in-house construction management team, actively managing the preconstruction and construction phases of development in a way that minimizes construction, financial, and regulatory risk throughout the life cycle of the build.

Scott Maslin

Principal, Woodglen Investments

Under Doug’s leadership, the projects came in on time and on budget. We were able to complete the land purchase, design, permitting and build the factory in under 18 months which was a tremendous achievement.

Robert Greenberg

Principal, The Minto Group

Watt Inc.’s leadership, instinct, and experience provides results for their clients, and we value their commitment to excellence. We value our relationships with Watt, Inc. as Owner’s Representative because it provides our clients with a solutions-oriented approach to construction and a successful project completion.

Stephanie Toothaker, Esq. P.A.

Chairwoman and Chief Strategist,

It was evident the Watt Inc team was committed to achieving our vision for the project, aligned with our core values, and helped to ensure our projects finished strong.

Jeffery Burns

Founder and CEO, Affiliated Development

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working on multiple projects together and have come to value Watt Inc.’s commitment to excellence. It is relationships like the one we have with the Watt, Inc. team that really make for a great team and successful projects for everyone involved.

John Barranco

Partner, Barranco Gonzalez Architecture

Doug’s leadership, experience, and instinct bridges the gap between the business and legal terms of all types of construction contracts, providing critical guidance to assist with the constructability of the project’s design and execution plan for the project.

Adam Handfinger

Co-Managing Partner, Peckar & Abramson

Their local knowledge and relationships in the Construction industry, gained over decades of building in South Florida, was priceless for our project.

Captain Sam Stephenson, J.D.

Co-Managing Pilot, Port Everglades Pilots Association

In tough markets like South Florida, it is relationships like the one we have with Watt, Inc. as Owner’s Representative that make all the difference in the world.

Chad Moss

Executive V.P., Moss

Doug Watt and the Watt, Inc. team are summed up in one word, EXCEPTIONAL! Without Watt, Inc.’s knowledge, experience, and relationships F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale would have cost millions of dollars more and would have been of less quality. Doug’s ability to see ahead of a problem and change course of direction for the better of the project is truly a skill level that very few have.

I can honestly say that I have never had a better working relationship and respect for construction minded professionals in my career. They “get it” and are an enormous asset for any construction project. One thing I can tell you is that I would never build something without them!

David L. Behnke

CEO, F3 Marina

Watt Inc.’s leadership, experience, judgment, and wise counsel were worth millions of dollars to us. We would hire them again in a second.

Luke Radlinski

COO/Partner, Southern Marinas

Watt, Inc. not only serves as an owner’s local trusted advisor handling construction management on a project, but more importantly he and his team serve the role of solution-driven professionals with a client’s best interests in mind. Watt, Inc. is a best-in-class asset for an owner’s development and construction team.

Warren Friedman

Partner, Friedman Sklar

The Watt, Inc. team’s local knowledge of the Construction market and experience gained over decades of building in South Florida was priceless for our recently completed mega-yacht marina, Lauderdale Marine Center North. With Watt, Inc’s local experience and relationships, whenever we encountered an issue, they were able to identify and present solutions, assist us in making decisions, and execute our plan effectively and efficiently.

Put simply, Watt, Inc., as always, makes my life easier. I would highly recommend Watt, Inc. for your next development and construction project!

Peter Clark

Chief Development Officer, Safe Harbor Marinas

Watt, Inc.’s professionalism, expertise, relationships, and hands-on approach was indispensable throughout the project’s lifecycle. Without Watt, Inc., this project could have been in peril time and time again. Having Watt, Inc. as a steady, trustworthy, and reliable partner resulted in the successful completion of this project and earned them the highest respect of the ownership and development team. Watt Inc. is a must have for any Owner that values integrity, results, and excellence. We will not do a project in South Florida without them!

Colby Cooper

Chief Operating Officer, Hix Snedeker Companies

Instinct. Experience. Results.

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