F-3 Marina

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our Role

Owner representation, overall project leadership, including weekly team meetings, value engineering, contract negotiations, logistics, scheduling, and project management.

Project Description

F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale’s 250-rack facility is the second fully-automated drystack marina in the United States of this type. F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale securely stores boats up to 46 feet in overall length, 13-foot beams, up to 20 feet in height, and holds a wet weight up to 30,000 pounds.

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Doug Watt and the Watt, Inc. team are summed up in one word – EXCEPTIONAL! Without Watt, Inc.’s knowledge, experience, and relationships, F3 Marina Fort Lauderdale would have cost millions of dollars more and would have been of less quality. Doug’s ability to see ahead of a problem and change course of direction for the better of the project is truly a skill level that very few have.

I can honestly say that I have never had a better working relationship and respect for construction minded profesionals in my career. They “get it” and are an enormous asset for any construction project. One thing I can tell you is that I would never build something without them!

David L. Behnke

CEO, F3 Marina

Watt, Inc.’s team was key to the success of the F3 Marina project, a complex best-in-class fully automated dry stack marina. Their team was instrumental in ushering solutions at key project milestones with a commanding day-to-day presenceas the Owner’s representative.

Their extensive experience and local knowledge of the South Florida construction market supported tough decision making to keep the project on schedule and within budget as market conditions changed throughout design and construction.

Doug and his team worked alongside our design professionals, providing local leadership throughout all project staes, and RINKA looks forward to working with such a great partner on future projects in the region.

Steve Morales

Partner, RINKA

Watt Inc.’s leadership, experience, judgment, and wise counsel were worth millions of dollars to us. We would hire them again in a second.

Luke Radlinski

Former Director, Anchorage Capital / COO/Partner, Southern Marinas

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